Orbisphere 3100

Orbisphere 3100 LDO Portable Industrial kit with US power plug and ¼” inlet tubing

The most rugged portable oxygen analyzer in the industry

With Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) technology integrated, this analyzer is guaranteed to improve process efficiency and provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements. Ideally used in the industrial and power industries for both laboratory and process environments, it measures dissolved oxygen at ppb level.




Robust design that endures harsh environments

The Hach Orbisphere 3100 is the most rugged portable dissolved oxygen analyzer in the industry. Designed to withstand the harshest environments with a stainless steel enclosure. The bright, color graphic display provides clear results in dark, cold or wet environments.

Fast, accurate results

Advanced optical technology provides accurate results in seconds. The Hach Orbisphere 3100 with optical sensors responds more rapidly than electrochemical sensors, allowing operators to take more measurements in less time.

One calibration per year

Optimized electronics and sensor optics in the 3100 mean you only need to calibrate once per year. The Hach Orbisphere 3100 maintains measurement accuracy significantly longer than other optical sensors, resulting in the most stable oxygen sensor with the longest calibration interval in the industry.

Low maintenance

With no membranes to replace or electrolyte to replenish, time spent servicing the sensor is cut in half. The optical sensing spot can be replaced and calibrated by the user, minimising down time. To ensure quality maintenance, a programmable reminder indicates when annual service and recalibration are scheduled.

Flexible communications

The Hach Orbisphere 3100 offers a high level of data confidence and efficiency by using a USB port to extract data captured by the instrument. The instrument is capable of capturing data for specific measurement points or continuously monitoring a process, recording up to 5,700 data points as a remote datalogger. An internal alarm system allows operators to see instantly which production processes are out of range.

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