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Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of our company and we aim to bring you only the best. With this said AQA-Scientific aims to not only bring you what you have always been receiving but we want to constantly change and reimagine the world we operate in.

It is thus our absolute delight and pleasure to introduce to you our brand-new range of online training modules! These modules are not only effective but are extremely convenient- they can be conducted at work, home or in any place where you can connect to the world-wide web, to help trainees gain a throughout understanding on laboratory practises. This is achieved through description, diagrams and demonstrations that are filmed live!

These professional courses all culminate in a certificate followed by a thorough testing process- printable coursework available! After one month, you are guaranteed to have a much clearer understanding of laboratory practise.

It is important to maintain correct skills and training in lab and the greatest part of these courses is that they are affordable, effective and aimed at anyone- helpful for:

  • Gaining new knowledge
  • Perfecting practises
  • Identifying and eradicating bad techniques
  • Refreshing knowledge and much more

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